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Shrimp Prices Increase, Farmers Are Eager For Raising

Thứ sáu,14/12/2018

According to Cà Mau Department of Industry and Trade, 100 pcs/kg are sold at 95,000 dong, 70 pcs/kg at 110,000 dong and 50 pcs/kg at 125,000 dong. The prices are 30% higher than the last three months.
Countries’ increasingly export of shrimps for preparation of Christmas and Year-end events results strong rise in shrimp prices.
In the middle of the year, white leg shrimp prices slumped with 100 pcs/kg being sold at 60-79 thousand dong, leaving difficulties to local farmers. Many of them hardly got profit from shrimp farming. However, prices of shrimps have increased recently, making farmers ready to re-stock their ponds.

Nguyễn Minh Luân works with intensive shrimp farming system in Nguyễn Việt Khái commune (Phú Tân district, Cà Mau province) says “shrimp prices are increasing and we are getting some profit. In case of high quality and favorable conditions, actual profit may be 50%”.

Source: VietFish Magazine

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